Asian Rhinoplasty

How can I improve the shape of my nose?

The nose is a very important facial feature which makes a big impact on the beauty of the face. More people feel that the shape of their nose is not apt according to the other facial features of the face and if rightly re-shaped it can increase the beauty of their face significantly. This can be done through plastic surgery by a procedure called rhinoplasty.

I’m an Asian, and want to change the way my nose looks.

The shape of the nose is different in different ethnic groups. Asians as compared with Caucasians have a shorter, wider, and less projecting nose. Thus, Asians ask for augmentation of the nose structures rather than reduction as is usually the case with Caucasians. Rhinoplasty involving augmentation procedure for the nose is called Asian rhinoplasty.

What are the indications for Asian rhinoplasty?

Asian rhinoplasty can be done for anyone requiring the nose to be longer or with a more projecting tip.

How is Asian rhinoplasty performed?

Asian rhinoplasty is done either by making incisions inside the nose (closed Asian rhinoplasty) or by making a small incision in between the nostrils (open Asian rhinoplasty). For augmentation, the patient’s own cartilage is taken from the ear, ribs or nasal septum, or synthetic biocompatible materials can be used.

What can I expect from Asian rhinoplasty?

Each patient’s facial feature is unique and all have different expectations from the surgery. Thus, computer imaging will be done to explain the changes possible and how you would look with the surgery. You should have realistic expectations from the surgery.

I am worried about scars formed from the surgical incisions.

The procedure involves incisions made either inside the nose or between the nostrils so that the scars are concealed.

Are there any complications with Asian rhinoplasty?

In rare cases, infection of the implant or displacement of the implant may occur and will be closely monitored in the follow-up after the surgery.